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What Alcohol does to the Body

Great Wednesday Morning!!

Health Tip:

I am not against drinking alcohol as long as moderation is in the picture. Too much of anything can be unhealthy. If you are going to drink, please me mindful of how much and how often you drink. Check out this health fact by Lisa Best pertaining to women and alcohol: The Nurses Health Study of 89,538 women between the ages of 34 and 59 found that women who drank between 3 and 9 alcoholic drinks per week had a 30% higher risk of breast cancer than non-drinkers. Since alcohol raises estrogen levels in the body, it is likely that increased estrogen levels may have contributed to the increased risk. To maximize health, make every effort to minimize excess estrogen in the body with daily exercise, and a healthy diet. Be sure to have your hormone levels checked using a saliva test (blood tests do not measure the cellular level accurately) to determine if you are at greater risk for breast cancer due to excess estrogen. Stay strong and have a great day!! CM

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