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The Benfits of Celery

Great Wednesday Morning!!! Health Tip: Celery may be one of the healthiest veggies around, packing oodles of vitamins (A,B,E,C,K) and minerals (iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and potassium) all of which produce the wonderful health benefits of 1. Lowering Blood pressure 2. Fighting Colds/flus and boosting the immune system 3. Aiding digestion/bowel problems and kidney/gall stones 4. Detoxifying the liver 5. Inhibiting cancer cell growth 6. Lowering cholesterol 7. Improving joint health (with anti-inflammatory properties) 8. Decreasing migraines and Decreasing insomnia. Just be sure to buy organic celery, since conventional forms may be loaded with pesticides, and restrict celery seed consumption when pregnant. Have a great day!! CM 

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