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What is Inflammation?

Great Wednesday Morning!! Health Tip By Lisa Best: A recent Ohio State study found that inflammation causes a rise in MicroRNA-155, a molecule associated with increased cancer risk. Sugar consumption, fried food consumption (unhealthy oils), excess alcohol, trans fats and smoking are significant causes of inflammation in the body. Fruits and veggies, spices (garlic, hot chilies, turmeric, ginger), beans and legumes, healthy fats (EPA and DHA), proteolytic enzymes and anti-oxidants protect against inflammation. To maximize health, minimize inflammatory foods and maximize anti-inflammatory ones. What is inflammation? Inflammation in the body is a normal and healthy response to injury or attack by germs. We can see it, feel it and measure it as local heat, redness, swelling, and pain. This is the body's way of getting more nourishment and more immune activity into an area that needs to fend off infection or heal. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!! 


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