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Don’t Sit for Too Long

Great Wednesday Morning!!! Sitting for a long period of time is not good for the body; especially if our jobs require us to sit at a desk for eight to ten hours a day. The key is to move frequently and try not to sit for longer than an hour without moving. This concept does not just apply to the work environment, but also when we are traveling for multiple hours. Have a great day!! CM Health Tip, By Lisa Best: If you have a desk job, consider following Thomas Jefferson's habit of standing or pacing while working. An American Cancer Society study of 123,000 people followed for 14 years showed a 40% increased risk of death for women (20% for men) who sit for more than 6 hours per day. Working out after work doesn't remove the risk, but frequent (hourly) movement does. Simple movement like standing, walking to the bathroom, or getting a glass of water is all it takes to improve metabolism. To maximize health, consider moving around frequently!!

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