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Breaking Bad Habits

Great Fabulous Friday!!! We have so much to be thankful for!!! Life is precious, and we must take advantage of each day that is given to us!! As we go through our journeys in life, we tend to pick up habits that our not favorable to our minds, bodies, and spirits. It is important for us to identify these bad habits before we began to self-destruct. Developing bad habits can prevent us from achieving greatness, and reaching our highest potentials. How to break bad habits - 1. Choose good habits to replace your bad habits. 2. Eliminate the triggers that causes you to seek out your bad habits. 3. Find an accountability partner to hold you accountable to overcome your bad habits. 4. Join a support group that can assist you in kicking your bad habits. 5. Imagine yourself overcoming your bad habits, by utilizing creative imaging. 6. Use positive affirmations to overcome your bad habits. Have a day of Blessings and Excellence!! CM 

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